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When to Prune - Cutting Back Lavender Plants

When Is The Best Time To Prune?

    The question when to prune Lavender depends on what type of pruning is being done. Learn here about pruning Lavender plants.

    Cutting back the old Lavender flower stems can be done anytime after flowering to remove the old flower stems and improve the plants appearance. You should cut an inch or two into the green leafy growth to give the plant a more compact shape and encourage dense growth. Shape the plant into a slightly mounded cushion.

    This same rule may be applied to dead wood or branches when pruning Lavender bushes. You may trim out dead growth at anytime you happen to notice it without harming the plant. This often times improves air circulation around the healthy parts of the plant as well.

Hard Pruning or Cutting Back of Lavender- When Is The Best Time?

    When to give your Lavender plant a hard pruning depends on what geographical location you are in.

    Hard pruning is defined as cutting back the plant by 1/3 or more. Remember never to cut back to the point where you are only left with woody stems. When do you prune Lavender plants will be discussed below.

Pruning Lavender For Winter

    For those of you who experience harsh freezing winter weather it is best to wait until spring to cut back your plant. Your plant will have a better winter appearance in your garden and will have a healthier start at new growth come springtime. Leaving the added plant material alone may also help insulate the plant too during the cold weather especially helpful if you receive snow.

    Pruning Lavender for winter should be done at that same time as you harvest the second round of blooms usually mid to late October. Remove any dead or damaged growth and shear back a good third of the green leafy growth for those without harsh winter conditions.

     Waiting to prune Lavender bushes back hard until much of the harsh winter weather has subsided will mean less stress to your plant and also allow you to remove any winter killed growth that sometimes happens over cold winter.

Pruning Lavender in Spring

     In early spring you may notice the tiny sprouts of new growth which will help you decide what to prune off to give your plant the desired shape and gives insight as to the direction of the new growth. Pruning Lavender in spring should be done very early on to avoid pruning off undeveloped flowers about the same time you would plant spring bulbs.

Learn more on pruning Lavender and how to prune Lavender like a pro.

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