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Lavender Oil Uses

Lavender Uses - Learn Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil

    Are you looking for ways to use your essential oil? Below you will learn some of the common uses for essential oil. There are many Lavender oil uses, here are a few simple methods to try:

     The simplest way to use your Lavender oil is to add it to a aromatherapy diffuser to create a relaxing spa-like effect in your home. You may learn more about diffusers here - Diffusers This is one of our favorite uses for Lavender oil.

Using Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Oil Uses

    Simply add a few drops of oil to the unit and turn it on. Shortly the aroma will be released into the air and you will be in heaven. Using a diffuser is one of my favorite ways to use essential oil and I use this method daily.

    This is a wonderful way to create a relaxing home environment and freshen the air at the same time.  You can use this method at the office too to relieve stress.  If you share an office first ask your co-workers if they object.

    Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that can be used directly applied in small quantities to your skin with no dilution. It has so many beneficial compounds and properties and is useful in so many ways see the top Lavender uses below.

Pure Lavender Oil Uses - More Ways To Use Lavender Oil Daily

     Other ways to use essential oils is to massage a drop onto your temples if you have a headache, add a drop to heal a blemish or treat a scar.  You may add it to personal care products like lotions or maybe your shampoo or conditioner to leave your hair smelling great.

Some popular ways to use Lavender Oil are :

Bath - Massage - Inhalation - Foot Soak

You can also use it to treat the following conditions:

Acne - Alopecia Areata - Athlete's Foot - Burns

Cold & Virus - Depression - Eczema - Headache Relief - Insect Bites/Stings

Insomnia - Nail Fungus - Psoriasis - Sinus Congestion - Sunburn - Wrinkles

    Combine it with other essential oils when you get deeper into aromatherapy. Please see info about using Lavender oil during pregnancy. You can even use Lavender oil for dogs!

Lavender is great used around the house too! See more Lavender Essential Oil uses here.

     Do you have a favorite method or way of using your essential oil? Share your Lavender Essential Oil uses with me and the others who read this site. Simply click on the contact tab at the top of this page. See our list of Lavender oil uses below.

Lavender Oil Uses List - Top Uses of Lavender Oil

     Lavender oil, the essential oil distilled from Lavender plants may be used in a multitude of ways. Below is a list of Lavender oil uses showing some common uses as well as those you might not think of.

Diffuse in an aromatherapy diffuser

Make a Lavender spray mist

Use in home chores / cleaning

Apply to cuts and scrapes to speed healing, reduce scarring, and relieve pain

Apply to skin to treat wrinkles

Use as an acne treatment

Repel insects using Lavender

Use 3-4 drops on cotton balls and place inside shoes to deodorize stinky shoes

Add a few drops to old nail polish that has become too thick shake well

Refresh the scent of sachets and potpourris by adding drops

Repel pests in kitchen cabinets by placing cotton balls with Lavender oil on them

Add a few drops to the inner cardboard tube of toilet paper and scent will be released with each use

Add drops of Lavender oil to unscented shampoo and conditioner

Add Lavender oil to unscented dish soap to make your own aromatherapy dish soap

Steam your face over hot water with Lavender oil for an at home facial

Use Lavender oil in Sauna Baths

Calm your dog with Lavender and repel fleas too!

Add drops to bathwater to relieve stress and ease body / muscle aches

Apply to temples to relieve a headache

Relieve insomnia with Lavender

Use Lavender oil for bites and stings by putting a drop on the affected area.

Place drops of Lavender oil on a damp washcloth and place in dryer with laundry to freshen and scent clothes

Use Lavender oil to remove small paint stains from clothes

Use a drop of Lavender oil to remove pen ink from clothes blotting and repeating if necessary - will also work for tar, grease stains and chewing gum

Place a drop of Lavender oil on each wrist pulse point and behind your ears and knees as a perfume

Apply a drop or two of Lavender oil to minor burns for instant pain relief

Rub a few drops between toes to treat athletes foot fungus

Use Lavender oil for nail fungus

Place a 3-4 drops on a tissue and place in your car where the heat will diffuse the Lavender scent getting rid of offensive odors naturally

Use Lavender to calm young children by putting a drop on their favorite teddy bear or blanket which they can snuggle and cuddle

Rub a drop under your nose to help relieve sinus congestion

Combine a few drops with Epsom salts for a foot soak

Place drop on the bristles of your hair brush and then brush your hair leaving your hair smelling great

Make your own scented drawer liners by using craft paper with a few drops of Lavender oil to line your clothing drawers refreshing as needed with another drop every 3 months or so

Add 5-10 drops of Lavender to the final Laundry rinse water for your linens and bed sheets before hanging them out to dry for a sweetly scented bed and peaceful sleep

Use a drop of Lavender on your sleep mask to help you get to sleep quickly

    As you can see from this long list there are many Lavender oil uses and sometimes you are only limited by your own imagination.

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Everything-Lavender.Com is not responsible for any use or formulation of any recipe listed on this site.  It is your sole responsibility to educate yourself on essential oils, to understand their unique properties and to use sound judgment in their use.

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