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Lavender and Depression

Lavender and Depression

      Lavender essential oil has been found to naturally relieve depression as well as reduce anxiety and stress by slowing down brain waves and helping to balance out hormones, reducing cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

     Medical studies have even shown that if Lavender therapy is used in conjunction with conventional medication that there is a need for a lower dosage.  This means less dependence on the medication and lower or reduced side effects. Lavender is a natural means by which to relieve mild depression and the related associated symptoms such as insomnia, body aches/muscle soreness, and stomach discomfort.

     Lavender can be used in lotions and body care products, aromatherapy diffusers, cooking recipes and in other ways to treat a variety of ailments.

     Always talk with your doctor before using herbal preparations or altering your medication dosage. Depression is a condition which can be lessened to some degree by the use of Lavender for natural treatment and symptom relief.

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