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Using Lavender Oil to Treat Psoriasis

Lavender for Psoriasis?

    Psoriasis is a skin condition which cause large reddened scaly patches on the skin. The condition can be limited to a specific area of the body or the whole body may be affected. Psoriasis can occur on just about anywhere on the body and causes a great deal of emotional anguish to the sufferer.

How Lavender Oil Works to Treat Psoriasis?

     Lavender Oil can help to relieve the pain and itch and provide some stress relief which boosts the immune system helping to heal the lesions. The cause of the condition is largely unknown and often times many strong creams, lotions and pills are prescribed to treat the problem. UV light treatments are used as well.

How To Use Lavender Oil for Psoriasis

     You may apply the oil directly to smaller lesions.  For larger applications use a hydrosol spray a few times throughout the day. Try a massage using Lavender essential oil and extra virgin olive oil as the carrier both of which have many skin healing properties. Always talk with your doctor before using herbal preparations or altering your medication dosage.

    Seek out those medical professionals knowledgeable and supportive of wholistic approaches to health care. Many mainstream doctors are either unknowledgeable of natural remedies or believe everything that the drug companies tout about their prescription products.

    Many natural treatments are better for your body when available but then again modern medicine has also been responsible for many a health miracle cure too. Balance out the pros and cons of both options as both can help effect a reduction of symptoms when treating psoriasis.

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