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Using Lavender Oil to Treat Colds and Virus

Stopping the Sniffles using Lavender

     Lavender oil contains compounds that are antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal.  This basically means Lavender kills and inhibits germs and viruses.

using Lavender flower for colds and virus

     If you have a cold bug going through your home or office then use Lavender Essential oil to help stop it.  Diffuse it into the air to clean and purify the air and stop those airborne germs.

     This is so much healthier than to spray though nasty unpronounceable chemical disinfectant sprays. Those alone could make you sick!

     Lavender also helps to uplift one's mood and this will definitely help the immune system boost it's defenses.

Ways To Help Stop the Germs Using Lavender

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