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Using Lavender Oil to Heal Burns

Treating Skin Burns with Lavender

    Lavenders wonderful skin healing properties were first discovered by Rene Gattefosse who is known as the founder of aromatherapy.  In 1928 he wrote his first book and titled it 'Aromatherapie.' He was the first one to use Lavender oil for burns.

     He suffered a large skin burn to his arm when working in his lab.  To cool his burn he plunged his arm into a vat of Lavender essential oil. He noted that his arm healed rapidly, without scarring or infection.

    Superficial burns to the skin, involve the outer layer of the dermis.  You will have a red scalded area of skin that firsts needs to be cooled using cold water.  These types of burns can be safely treated at home using Lavender Essential Oil.

     More serious second- or third- degree burns need to be seen by a medical doctor.

How Lavender Oil Works to Heal Burns

     Lavender Oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and circulatory stimulating properties.  It is also an immune booster.  Scarring and infection are a direct result of bacteria and germs.  Using Lavender naturally inhibits infection from occurring speeding the recovery of the skin and aiding in healthy tissue formation.

How To Use Lavender Oil for Burns

     Apply the essential oil in 'neat form' directly to the area without dilution.Do this a few times a day until healed completely. This works well for small areas.

     You may also used a Lavender hydrosol spray which is a byproduct of the steam distillation processing of the Lavender plant. Basically it is the water along with non-recoverable essential oil that remains after the distillation process is complete.

     You can also make a spray using 1 cup of distilled or tap water to 10 drops of essential oil. Use sweet Lavender oil and not that produced from Spike Lavender or Lavandin oil. Place in a spray bottle and shake prior to spraying your skin.

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