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Using Lavender Oil For Massage

Lavender Massage Relaxes Tired Muscles

     Getting a Lavender massage using Lavender Oil mixed with a good quality carrier oil is another great way of de-stressing and relaxing those tired achy muscles.

Using Lavender Essential Oil for Massage

     Having the tension relieved by some trained hands is one of life's pleasures. Touch is one of the most basic forms of comfort and relaxation since the beginning of time.

The use of the hands
 as a means to convey friendship
 to comfort and heal the sick
 to express love and tenderness
 to quiet and titillate the child
 is as old as life...         Bernard Gunter

     The skin is our largest organ which is also the most sensitive.  The effect of touch can transform us both physically and emotionally, reassuring our self-esteem, while relaxing tense muscles. We feel renewed and ready to face the world again.

     The aroma of Lavender oil alone is enough to calm and reduce anxiety improving one's mood and outlook. Combine that with it's skin soothing, muscle relaxing properties when applied using massage therapy and the whole body benefits even more.

Recipe for Lavender Massage Oil

     Here are two simple ways to make Lavender massage oil.

     Use 3-4 drops of Lavender essential oil to a teaspoon of base oil such as Sweet Almond, Olive, Sunflower or Jojoba carrier oils. Massage neck, back and shoulders to melt away the days tension. You can make up a small batch and store it in a dark glass bottle so its ready for massage use at a moments notice.

    Make a infused Lavender massage oil with the recipe on this page.

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