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Using Lavender Oil For Insomnia

Relief from Insomnia Using Lavender

     At some point in our lives, we all have had to deal with insomnia and suffered a sleepless night. Using Lavender Essential Oil can help to relax you which in turn will help you to get to sleep.

Using Lavender Essential Oil To Treat Insomnia

     Lavender's oil contains compounds that help to slow brain waves which helps relieve anxiety, and depresses the central nervous system. This helps you to relax and drift off to sleep with out the use of drugs. Lavender is a natural sleep aid and smells heavenly as well.

     Try the following Lavender oil sleep remedies. You can sip an herbal tea, soak in a Lavender bath, diffuse Lavender oil in your bedroom or lay your head upon a Lavender scented pillow. You would be amazed by the results this little herb can help effect. Now a little Lavender oil goes a long way so don't think that more is better. Too much can produce the opposite effect. Use these methods above to get much needed relief from restless sleepless nights.

Recipe to Make Lavender Pillow Spray

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