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Using Lavender Oil for Inhalation Therapy

Inhaling Lavender Essential Oil

Using Lavender Essential Oil for Inhalation Therapy Inhalation therapy has been around since days of old when ladies would carry around a perfumed handkerchief, or a small bouquet, and would cover their noses whenever they met with an offensive odor.

     You may use inhalation therapy for a variety of conditions such as to treat headaches, stress, nervous disorders, and sinus problems. Here you will learn different ways to use Lavender essential for inhalation.


Ways to do Lavender Inhalation Therapy

     The simplest way is to take a hot washcloth and add few drops of Lavender oil. Lay the hot washcloth over your face and take in the vapors. This also benefits the skin on your face too helping to open your pores, and increase circulation.

     Inhaling the steam from a bowl of hot water to which a few drops of the essential oil has been added is another easy way. Think of it as your own personal spa time.

     You may also add Lavender essential oil to an aromatherapy diffuser to scent and treat your environment. Diffusing creates a restful atmosphere in the entire space and does it naturally as opposed to artificially with fake fragrances.

     There are also personal inhalers you may buy and add essential oils to. They are easy to carry around with you during the day you simply use them as needed. There are many different kinds of essential oil diffusers such as car diffusers, electric diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers, oil burners, and even beautiful jewelry diffusers.

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