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Using Lavender Oil for Headache Relief

What Causes a Headache?

    Allergies, stress, and sickness can all cause a headache.  You may also suffer from migraine headaches which are caused by vascular causes such as constricted blood vessels in the head.

Using Lavender For Headache Relief

     Headaches are as varied as individuals. The headache pain can be mild, or intense and throbbing.  The pain can also either be localized to one region or felt all over the head. Pain can also be accompanied by nausea and sensory sensitivities such as smell.

     Tight muscles of the head and neck region along with stress can cause and intensify a headache.

How to use Lavender for headache relief?

     Use Lavender Essential Oil to help you get the relief you need.  Sometimes simple relaxation is enough to start reversing the process that caused the headache.  Try putting dots of Lavender oil on your temples, or use inhalation therapy along with relaxation techniques such as closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Massage the neck region or better yet have someone else do it for you.

     To relieve my migraines I go and lay down in a darkened room  and turn on my aromatherapy diffuser.  I try to let go of all the stressful thoughts that plague my mind and just focus on slowly breathing and relaxing every part of my body.

     There are times we just can't do that because we are at work or have kids.  So what do you do?  Try a Lavender compress of about 5 drops oil to a cup of very cold water.  Using a clean washcloth wring it out and place it on your forehead.  Sometimes cold works better than heat to relieve pain.  If you prefer warm or hot water then use it instead.

How do you use Lavender to get rid of headache pain?   Email me your suggestions.

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