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Lavender Flower For Weddings?

Wedding Lavender Flower Bouquet

    Lavender Flowers are becoming very popular again at weddings particularly in wedding bouquets. Lavender flowers smell wonderful and have been symbolic of purity, fidelity and fits right into the wedding theme nicely.

    You may choose a Lavender bouquet solely of fresh Lavender stems or simply have your florist incorporate Lavender flowers into your wedding bouquet. Look online and you can see dozens of choices for Lavender bouquets.

    Head wreaths of Lavender may be created for flower girls and then combine fresh Lavender buds with rose petals for them to sprinkle down the aisle.

Lavender Wedding Bouquet, Using Lavender Flower for Weddings     Bunches of Lavender flower can be placed on the sides of church pews. After the ceremony they can serve double duty as table centerpieces at the reception. Simply have a trusted friend remove and transport them over when you are posing for post wedding pictures.

    These can later be dried and turned into keepsake Lavender sachets. They could also easily be made into a Lavender wreath for the front door of your new home.

    Group them together once dried into a large bouquet and place them in a prominent area such as an entry way. Their scent will greet you every time you walk by. Lavender unlike other flowers they will keep long time after you wedding is over.

    Finish off your Lavender themed wedding by throwing dried Lavender flower buds instead of rice as the bride and groom leave the church. Dried Lavender buds are the same size as rice grain and are a bird friendly alternative to throwing rice.


    For the wedding reception use Lavender flowers as a cake topper and how about asking for one tier of your wedding cake to be a Lavender cake.

    As you can see there are plenty of ways to use Lavender in your wedding ceremony. The smell will be fantastic and every time you smell Lavender you will be brought back to this glorious time in your life.

    Lavender flower wedding bouquets turn into dried Lavender bouquets a perfect wedding keepsake! To dry them simply hang your bouquet upside down in a cool, dark but very dry place that has good air circulation.

    Fresh Lavender flowers will be a wonderful addition to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.See the beautiful Lavender wedding bouquet picture below. Need more ideas then see info about having a Lavender wedding.

using Lavender flower for weddings in wedding bouquets

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