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Use Lavender Oil in the Sauna

Lavender Sauna Steamy Goodness!

     If your favor using saunas why not try a Lavender sauna? Simply add 4-6 drops of Lavender oil to one cup of water and pour over the hot rocks next time you sauna. I bet you never thought of that Lavender oil use!

     When enjoying steam baths never use undiluted essential oil directly on the hot sauna rocks. Always dilute the essential oil in water first.

Using Lavender Oil In The Sauna      Lavender oil will be carried into the air by the steam and the whole sauna will smell so good! Lavender essential oil is a good choice to use with saunas due to the Lavender oil benefits.

     You will feel so relaxed and calm on the inside due to the Lavender aromatherapy while your skin and body reap the detoxifying benefits of the sauna.

     Remember to not stay too long in the sauna and if you are pregnant saunas are not recommended until after delivery.

     Read more about using Lavender oil during pregnancy.

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