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Throwing Lavender For Weddings

Tossing Lavender Flower at the Bride and Groom

    Lavender Flowers are becoming popular replacement for rice tossing or birdseed for throwing at the newlyweds. Rice expands inside birds who eat it causing death and many churches now charge a fee for the cleanup. Birdseed has become a popular too and, although it's bird friendly, I myself would much prefer Lavender tossing instead.

     Dried Lavender flower buds are about the same size as grains of rice, smells wonderful, needs no cleanup because it is biodegradable, and has been symbolic of purity and chasteness since early times. How much dried Lavender do I need to buy to use for wedding?

     You may create little bags or cartons of dried Lavender flower much in the same manner you would do rice and set it out for tossing. Simple bowls of loose Lavender set out for the purpose would work too as Lavender wedding rice.

     If you are having a summer wedding you may even be able to source fresh Lavender flowers that can be stripped from the stems and set out in small baskets near the exit for your guests to throw. You would want to prepare these the morning of or no earlier than the day before the wedding. Keep the blooms in a cool location to preserve freshness and color.

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     When held in your guests hands the fragrance will be released by the warmth.  When stepped on and crushed the sweet aroma will be released as well.  We all know what role scent plays in our memories. Tossing fresh or dried Lavender will help create a wedding to remember both by you and your lucky guests.  Why not have a Lavender wedding?

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Lavender Flower for tossing at weddings

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