English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Spike Lavender Essential Oil

What is Oil of Spike Lavender?

     This essential oil is produced from Lavandula latifolia also known as Spike Lavender. Spike Oil is not as sweet smelling as True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) making it not as expensive. This oil smells sharper due in part to the chemical structure which has more oxide molecules. This also means it is more stimulating than oils from the other types of Lavenders.


What is Spike Lavender Oil used for?

     Due to the different chemical makeup of this essential oil it has been used differently. In China it was used as a thinner for lacquers and varnishes used in Chinese paintings such as the ones used on porcelain. It worked quite well as a diluent for the delicate paint colors.

     Lavender latifolia essential oil has been used to scent Lavender perfumes, laundry products, soaps and cleaners due to its camphor, menthol aroma. It has also been recorded as being used for headaches, cramps, fainting spells and other malady's in British history.

     Spike Lavender Oil may be used for Aromatherapy for its more stimulating properties. It has a stronger odor so less is needed. Lavender latifolia oil is also used to cut some of the higher grade Lavender oils.

     You will find this oil being sold as Spike Oil, Oil of Spike Lavender and Lavender latifolia essential oil with Spain being one of the largest producers of this distilled oil.

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