English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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The Pterostachys Lavenders

What are Pterostachys Lavenders?

     Pterostachys Lavenders get their name from the "winged spikes" in direct reference to how their flowers are borne atop their stems. These Lavenders either do not have as pronounced a fragrance nor the sweet true fragrance associated with the English varieties but are still members of the genus Lavandula. These Lavender plants are still well worth growing for their beauty and the variety they bring to a Lavender flower garden.

The following are Pterostachys Lavenders:

Lavandula abrotanoides- Also known as southernwood Lavender. This plant has many branched leaves and divided foliage. It is aromatic but not of the Lavender smell you are acquainted with.

Lavandula buchii- Violet Lavender blue flowers with a pleasantly aromatic scent.

Lavandula burmanni- This pterostachys Lavender plant has a camphor like aroma.

Lavandula canariensis- A plant that originated in the Canary Islands bearing dark Lavender blue flowers and has dark green foliage. Picture of Lavandula canariensis.

Lavandula heterophylla- This Lavender has a camphor and Lavender mix when it comes to it's aroma. Also known as Sweet Lavender it is a very large hearty grower.

Lavandula multifida- The term multifida means "much divided" in Latin. This frost tender plant has lovely ferny foliage and bears dark Lavender blue flowers on trident or "winged" stems. See a picture of a Lavandula multifida flower.

Lavandula maroccana- Lovely electric blue flower color makes this plant desirable.

Lavandula pinnata- This also goes by the name of  Jagged Lavender or Lace Lavender and is quite similar in appearance to that of multifida. The blooms are much bluer in color and the foliage is very lacey and delicate looking.

Lavandula pubescens- This Lavender has slightly hairy fern-like leaves.

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