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Provence Lavender

Lavandula intermedia 'Provence'

    The hybrid Lavandula intermedia var. 'Provence' which is one of the Lavandin (Lavandula hybrida) hybrids is one you find growing in Provence, France. The name Provence referring to a region and not an actual Lavender variety.

This cultivar is grown commercially in the large Provence Lavender fields located in the southern areas of France thus making its essential oil readily available for use in Lavender perfumes.

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     The Provence Lavender season starts in June and July and if you are lucky enough to make a trip it is well worth it. There are tours available of the various Lavender fields in Provence.

     Lavender Provence is one of the species plants that tolerate a little more moisture than some of the other varieties, but, it still requires excellent drainage.  Hardy for the southern US Zones 6-10 and height ranges from 12-36 inches which is in the medium range for this species.

     Light purple Lavender flowers are borne atop the stems in summer and this Lavandin variety is a little bit easier to over winter for those of you that are having some problems growing Lavender. If you harvest the first round of blooms a second will appear by summers end. The long stems make it easy to make Provence Lavender Wands

     Lavandula intermedia Provence is the Lavender variety used for Herbes De Provence making it great too for culinary uses.  France leads the way with commercial production and farming of Lavender in Provence and reigns as the world's largest producer of this incredible plant.

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