English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Planting Lavender on Banks

Planting Lavender for Landscape Problem Areas

       Do you have a problem area in your landscape such as a steep bank on your property? Does it receive a lot of sun and have drier conditions than the rest of your yard?  Go a head and plant the entire bank with Lavender or maybe mix in a few other drought tolerant sun lovers. Lavender is not just for the flower garden but is well adapted to thrive where others cannot grow.

     Lavender loves being in the sun and will take all it can get once established and is considered a water conserving "green" landscape plant due to low maintenance requirements.  Lavender grows well in less than optimal soils such as those stony, rocky and sandy.

     Planting steep banks with hardy Lavender varieties provides erosion control as well as a beautiful display of flowers.  These tough plants are highly fragrant, put on a wonderful bloom display and are great at attracting beneficial insects and wildlife to your yard. You will be happy to have the eyesore of that empty possibly rocky bank covered in purple blooms. Growing Lavender rewards you color and fragrance.

     You will have quite a beautiful bank if you plant a variety of hardy Lavender species giving you different colors and growth habit.  You will love all the bees and butterflies attracted to this planting.  You neighbors will be envious! Be sure to see our garden resources for information, plants and supplies.

     Lavender plants originate from the Mediterranean region and love the sun and heat.  You may need to water occasionally to get the new plants established or those times when natural rainfall is in short supply. Planting Lavender on banks is an investment in long term color and fragrance.

Planting Lavender is easy with these 8 Tips for Success

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