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Transplanting & Moving Lavender Plants

How to Transplant or Move Lavender

     Maybe you planted your Lavender in the shade or the plant has become too large for where it is planted. Moving your Lavender to a new location is the best option for both of these situations. I will tell you how to move your Lavender plant plus give you planting tips for success.

     Moving you plant can be done just about anytime in the growing season depending on where you live.  You need to allow your cold hardy Lavender about 4 weeks to settle in to its new location prior to the start of really cold weather and the first frost date.

    For those of you desiring to move your plant in the spring wait until about a week after your last anticipated spring frost date before transplanting Lavender.

    Be sure to choose the new planting location carefully making sure there is adequate sunlight, and space to allow for the mature growth of the plant.

Moving Your Lavender

     When you have chosen the new planting location for your plant it is time to prepare it.  Begin preparing the location by digging a hole about twice the size of the plant. Add the necessary amendments to the soil in the bottom of the hole and mix well. Now it is time to dig up your plant.

    Try to get a large a root ball as possible when digging up your Lavender. The larger the root mass the less stress to the plant and the easier the move will be. Plant the Lavender plant into the new location taking care to set the top of the plant at the same depth as the previous one. Fill in the soil around the roots, water then fill in as necessary due to soil settlement. See transplanting Lavender wasn't that hard now was it?

    You will need to monitor your plant as it will need a little bit more water and be less drought tolerant until it gets reestablished in its new home.

     Learn more about the best time to give your Lavender plant a hard pruning.

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