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How To Make Your Own Lavender Perfume

Make Your Own Perfume with Lavender Oil

Make Lavender Oil Perfume Recipe      Lavender has been a popular fragrance since Victorian times and Ladies would make their own perfume all the time. Below you will learn how to make perfume at home using Lavender oil.

    Make your own perfume with a few simple ingredients allowing you control over what goes into your perfume. This lets you make simple organic perfumes with no synthetic ingredients to irritate skin.

    Go ahead and make your own perfume to create your own signature fragrance and to save money. Its fun and easy plus you can use other pure essential oils such as Rose or Jasmine once you learn how to make perfumes.

Make Your Own Lavender Perfume Recipe

30 drops Lavender Essential Oil
1/2 cup plain Vodka
1/2 cup distilled Water
6 drops of Liquid Glycerin (a fixative for the Lavender fragrance)

    Combine the ingredients in a dark glass bottle with a tight fitting lid. Old Lavender essential oil bottles can be repurposed for this Lavender perfume recipe. Store in a cool dark place. You have now learned how to make a perfume at home. Easy right?

    If you need to be fancy then you may buy Lavender perfume. Use the ingredients below when making your own perfume.

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