English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Many Different Types of Lavender Plants

     Lavender consists of about 39 different species of plants including some hybrids (plant crosses.) Plants are found growing across many different continents of the world under various growing conditions which means it is possible for you to grow a Lavender plant in your flower garden. Lavender is in the Latin genus known as Lavandula.

     All Lavender plants require similar growing conditions with some being a little bit more tolerant than others of humidity which is a major cause of plant problems.  This is especially true for those of you desiring to grow Lavender in the southern regions of the United States. Anyone can grow Lavender!

The following is a listing of the species:

     Lavandula x allardii
     Lavandula x chaytorae
     Lavandula x christiana
     Lavandula x ginginsii (Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender)
     Lavandula x heterophylla (Sweet Lavender)
     Lavandula x intermedia (Dutch Lavender)
     Lavandula angustifolia (Common or True Lavender, English Lavender)
     Lavandula antineae
     Lavandula aristibracteata
     Lavandula atriplicifolia
     Lavandula aurigerana
     Lavandula bipinnata
     Lavandula bramwellii
     Lavandula buchii
     Lavandula burmanni
     Lavandula canariensis (Canary Island Lavender)
     Lavandula citriodora
     Lavandula coronopifolia
     Lavandula dentata (French Lavender)
     Lavandula dhofarensis
     Lavandula erythraeae
     Lavandula feraudi
     Lavandula galgalloensis
     Lavandula gibsonii
     Lavandula hasikensis
     Lavandula heterophylla
     Lavandula hortensis
     Lavandula lanata (Woolly Lavender)
     Lavandula latifolia (Portuguese or Spike Lavender)
     Lavandula macra
     Lavandula mairei
     Lavandula maroccana
     Lavandula minutolii
     Lavandula multifida (Fern Leaf Lavender, Egyptian Lavender)
     Lavandula nimmoi
     Lavandula officinalis
     Lavandula pedunculata
     Lavandula pinnata (Fern Leaf Lavender, Jagged Lavender)
     Lavandula pubescens
     Lavandula pyrenaica (Pyrenees Lavender)
     Lavandula qishnensis
     Lavandula rejdalii
     Lavandula rotundifolia
     Lavandula saharica
     Lavandula samhanensis
     Lavandula setifera
     Lavandula somaliensis
     Lavandula sublepidota
     Lavandula subnuda
     Lavandula stoechas (Spanish Lavender)
     Lavandula tenuisecta
     Lavandula vera
     Lavandula viridis (Yellow Lavender)

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