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Lavender Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls as Natural Fabric Softener

     Are you looking for a natural way to soften your clothes without the use of chemicals? Do you want your laundry to have a light natural Lavender fresh scent without artificial perfumes. Look no further.

Wool Dryer Balls with Lavender Oil      Let me tell you about wool dryer balls.

Most people have heard about using dryer balls to naturally soften their clothes and speed up drying time to use less energy.

     I myself used to use old tennis balls in my dryer until I gave it some thought about what I might be exposing my kids to and heard about natural wool dryer balls.

     Most dryer balls are made of plastic or rubber and contain nasty chemicals which can leach into your load when heated in the dryer. They require chemicals in their manufacture and just aren't Eco-friendly not to mention make a lot of noise bouncing around!

     Wool Dryer Balls are made from a renewable natural resource and contain nothing that is bad for you or your family. This is especially good if you have someone in your house with sensitivities to artificial scents or chemicals. Great for baby laundry too!

     Both liquid and dryer sheet fabric softener contain chemicals which coat your clothes leaving a residue which is where the softness comes from. Who wants that?

     Wool dryer balls bounce around gently and quietly in your dryer creating air pockets to speed the drying process saving you money and electricity while protecting the environment. Dryer balls allow hot air to circulate better cutting drying time by 25% on large loads and by almost half with smaller ones! They soften clothes naturally and reduce static cling too!

     Wool dryer balls can last for years and are easily and cheaply replaced. Even those sensitive to wool with wool allergies can safely use wool dryer balls without any allergic reactions because the wool never directly touches your skin.


Lavender Scented Wool Dryer Balls

     In my discovery of wool dryer balls I realized they can also be used to scent your laundry naturally and safely using Lavender Oil. I simply add a few drops of pure essential oil to each of the dryer balls when I toss in my wet clothes.

     My clothes are now softly and naturally scented with Lavender Oil. I feel good about cutting out one more chemical exposure greening my house and environment a little more by using Lavender Wool dryer balls. I also do not miss lugging home an unnecessary jug of fabric softener either!

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