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Lavender Wedding

Lavender Wedding Ideas

    Lavender is once again regaining popularity for weddings and need not be limited to just a Lavender wedding toss. From the beautiful color of a Lavender wedding dress for bridesmaids to the sweet Lavender scent there are many ways to have a Lavender wedding.

Lavender Wedding Invitations

    Begin planning your wedding by looking at different styles of Lavender wedding invitations. You may choose invitations that are a delicate shade of Lavender color or those that are white or creme and embossed with Lavender flowers.

    Invitations may even be scented with Lavender. A quick drop or light spray of pure Lavender essential oil on the back flap or exterior envelope will scent your invites. Please do a test invitation to make sure you like the results and keep it away from the ink as it could make it run.

    Enclosing dried Lavender sprigs with each of the invitations is all you need to begin your Lavender theme and give your guests a hint of what's to follow. Learn how to make pressed Lavender here.

Lavender Wedding Flowers

    Lavender flowers are beautiful! From Lavender wedding bouquets to Lavender wedding centerpieces, and even Lavender flower tosses there are many ways to use the flowers on your wedding.

    Lavender wedding flowers add just a touch of elegance, simplicity and nostalgia to your wedding day. Choose a wedding bouquet of ribbon bound Lavender stems or one with an array of different flowers and colors.

Lavender Wedding Flowers, Lavender Wedding Bouquet     You don't need to be limited and use only Lavender as it will compliment other flowers too.

    Lavender and white roses are beautiful elegant and fragrant.

    The groomsmen could sport rose boutineers with a sprig of Lavender and babysbreath.

    Flower girls may carry flower filled baskets and toss Lavender and rose petals prior to your walk down the aisle.

    The Lavender flowers will be crushed as you and your bridal party walk releasing the scent.

Lavender Wedding Cakes

    Lavender wedding cakes offer choices too. Choose one or more cake tiers to be a Lavender cake. The subtle Lavender flavor is simply delicious and may be paired with Lavender Champagne.

    Decorate your Lavender wedding cake with a fresh Lavender flower topper or have your baker pipe delicate Lavender flower sprigs with icing as decoration.

Lavender Wedding Ring Bearers Pillow

    Make a Ring Bearer pillow filled with dried Lavender. There will be no need to pack this away after the wedding as you may place the Lavender Ring Bearers Pillow on your bed for decoration or use it to scent a drawer full of lingerie. Lavender filled pillows are easy to make and fill with dried Lavender flowers. More about Lavender pillows here.

Lavender Wedding Locations

Lavender Wedding Location
    Have your wedding or even the wedding reception at a Lavender farm. There are farms in almost every state so use one for your Lavender wedding location.

    Many will open their farm up to holding a wedding ceremony.

    The purple Lavender fields will give you a gorgeous backdrop that may be captured forever in wedding photographs.

    Be sure to plan your wedding around the peak bloom times for the best fragrance and color imaginable.

     Scent brings back memories and your wedding day will be forever imprinted on your mind captured by the Lavender scent.

Lavender Wedding Favors

    What about all those wedding favors? Gifts for the bridemaids, gifts for the mothers and everyone else involved. Lavender wands or sachets are easily crafted and provide years of memorable scent.

    Lavender perfumes and colognes are great gifts for the moms and dads to be and keep alive the memories of your Lavender wedding for some time. Give a Lavender wedding favor to make your wedding even more memorable.

    Lavender weddings may have all of these elements or only a few. Lavender can make your special day even more so and with all these choices it's easy to have a Lavender wedding.

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