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Large Lavender Wands

How to Make Provence Lavender Wands

    Many have asked how to make the large fat Lavender wands that you find in Provence. These fat Provence wands are packed with Lavender flowers and woven with one or two colors of satin ribbon. They are simply stunning but are not difficult to make once you have mastered the technique of making Lavender wands.

Below are instructions for making Provence Lavender wands.

Different styles of Lavender Wands

Instructions How to Make a Provence Lavender Wand

First you will need a bunch of fresh Lavender flower stems and your desired color of ribbon. For these large Lavender wands you will need a large number of Lavender flowers. For the one below I used 50 Lavender flower stems!

The easiest way to obtain the amount of Lavender needed is to grow your own Lavender plants or by visiting a local Lavender farm when in season.

1.    Take a small bunch of Lavender (always choose an odd number) Bind them tightly together just below the last flower buds. I used 23 Lavender stems and tied them with sewing thread being careful to not tie so tight that I cut into the stems.

Choosing Grosso or Provence to make these will give you long sturdy stems to work with making it very easy to make the wand. Tie a ribbon around the bottom stems to keep them together. You will see why later.

tying Lavender wands,batons

2.    Take the rest of the Lavender stems and group them evenly around the first bunch spacing them evenly. The amount of Lavender flower you use will determine the fatness of the finished Lavender wand. Tie them tightly below the base of the last flowers. I used dark purple flowers and burgundy ribbon so you can see that I placed them around the first group.

3.    Now bend the stems over the flower heads to encase them. Only bend those in the last grouping NOT those from the first grouping. Use care to spread them equally around and tie them tightly and permanently together. These Lavender stems are what will fill out your finished Lavender wand giving it it's distinctive shape. See picture below.

4.    Tie the ribbon you wish to weave around the reserved group of Lavender stems and release the tie that bound them together. You will weave the Lavender wand using ONLY these stems and not the inner ones.

5.    Use care when bending the Lavender over spacing them as evenly as possible. To make the point end of your wand neat take care as to not cross stems when bending them over but space them where they should go.

6.    Weave the ribbon over and under keeping it snug enough to lie neatly and taking into consideration that the stems will dry and shrink some. You don't wish the ribbon to be overly loose when everything is dry so keep it slightly tight when weaving the Lavender wand. Continue weaving until all the flowers are covered.

7.    Wrap the stems together tightly when finished and cut the bottom to make them all the same length. The amount of Lavender flower you use will determine the shape of the Lavender wand. If you desire a rounder wand use more Lavender flower. You can also vary the shape from torpedo like to very round all by playing with the amount of Lavender flowers used. Have fun when making Lavender wands!

Large Lavender Wand Provence

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