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Lavender Vinegar Recipe

How to make Lavender Vinegar

    Lavender vinegar is simply delicious on salads or when used as a base to make French dressing. Infusing vinegar with a single herb or herb combination is easy to do.

    To make Lavender vinegar at home you will need a wide mouth jar with a tight fitting lid (not metal because of the acidic vinegar), a good white wine or apple cider vinegar and preferably fresh Lavender flower and leaves.

Lavender Vinegar Recipe:

    Either fresh or dried Lavender flowers may be used to make this Lavender vinegar recipe. Harvest Lavender flowers just prior to use picking ones with good flower color or use dried culinary Lavender.

    Fresh Lavender leaves may be used as well which is quite handy when the plant is not in bloom. Choose clean brightly colored leaves and gather from different areas of the Lavender plant as to not stress it or leave it lopsided.

    Half fill the jar with the Lavender packing it down lightly. Fill the container to the top with vinegar and place in a sunny warm location for 3 weeks shaking it periodically. After the time check the taste, strain and store in a glass or plastic bottle (not metal). You may add a sprig or two of new Lavender flower for decoration when storing.

Lavender Vinegar

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