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Lavender Tussie Mussie

What is a Lavender Tussie Mussie?

Lavender Tussie Mussie      During the Victorian Era ladies would carry with them small bunches of fresh herbs and flowers or a Tussie Mussie as a form of perfume.  They were usually made up of sprigs of several different herbs arranged concentrically into a small bouquet.

     The Tussie Mussies were either carried or tucked between the breasts to be a form of personal Lavender perfume and to ward off bad smells.

How to Make a Lavender Tussie Mussie

     To make a Lavender Tussie Mussie you will need a small bunch of flowers either of a single color or a variety of different colors such as white, pink and purple. You will need 8-30 fresh Lavender blooms from your Lavender flower garden.

     To begin select 4-5 fresh flower stems and tie together about 3 inches from the base of the flower head to be in the center of the bouquet.

Next arrange more Lavender flower stems of a different color around the first grouping.

Finally add the final ring of flowers to the arrangement and tie snugly at the same place as the first.

Tie a decorative ribbon bow around the bouquet covering your tie and cut the stems off so that they are all of the same length.  You may wrap the stems with ribbon after you cut them.

     The Tussie Mussie can be either small and delicate like a corsage or larger more like a small bouquet for a wedding.  Eventually the Lavender will dry but you will still be able to enjoy the lovely fragrant aroma. Tussie Mussies something so simple from the past can still be enjoyed today.

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