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Lavender Skin Care

Lavender is Naturally Good For Your Skin

    Lavender has wonderful skin benefits due in part to the makeup of its essential oil. Here you will find links to great companies offering natural skin care lines to truly bring out the best of your complexion.

    There are some very good skin care lines from well known companies that contain pure essential oil of Lavender in their product lines. You have a variety of Lavender oil skin care products to choose from such as Lavender soaps, lotions, serums, bath salts, body scrubs and the list goes on.

    So how do you choose a Lavender oil skin care product? Well first look at the ingredients and make sure it has real Lavender essential oil and not some artificial fragrance.

Lavender Skin Care        

    Next take a look at the other ingredients and opt for those products that don't have a list of unpronounceable chemicals. Stick with those that use natural additives and herbal extracts which are good for you and your skin.

Lavender Skin Care United States:

Beautorium.com - Natural and Organic Beauty that is good for your skin, good for the planet and good for you!

EO Products - A manufacturer of organic ingredient beauty and bath products without Sodium Laureth Sulfate, or Parabens.

Lavera Skin Care - Award winning safe cosmetics and skin care that is free from potentially harmful additives and chemicals. Made to the highest standards using natural and organic ingredients for beautiful healthy skin.

Lavender Skin Care UK:

Lovely Lula - The Organic Beauty Specialists with loads of lovely products for those in the UK.

Amphora Aromatics Retail - Wonderful Lavender as well as other natural products; ships quickly to the UK mainland.

Organic Natural Lavender Skin Care Products


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