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Lavender Potpourri

How to Make Lavender Potpourri

    What is a Potpourri? A potpourri is a collection of plant materials and other ingredients that give off a pleasing aroma to the air. They have been around since ancient times and were used to get rid of bad odors and freshen homes.

    There are two methods to create homemade potpourris, the 'moist' and the 'dry.'  The French translation of potpourri literally means "rotten pot" but please don't let that scare you away.

    That term mainly refers to the moist method where the potpourri ingredients of plant materials, spices and powders where allowed to macerate together for weeks at a time hence the translation rotten pot.

    The finished moist method potpourri was not visually attractive in appearance but the lovely aroma was reported to last as much as 50 years! These kinds of homemade potpourris were stored in pretty jars where you could not see the contents.

Lavender Homemade Potpourri Recipes

    The potpourris recipes below are not quite as entailed an offer a visually pleasing potpourri as well as a fragrant one. This recipe below will look quite pretty in a clear class container or in a open bowl sitting on a table.

Lavender Bud Potpourri Recipe

2-3 cups of dried flower buds
1/2 teaspoon of orris root powder
(to "fix" the scent and make it last)
Essential oil of Lavender
Glass jar with lid
(a mason or jelly jar will work fine as long as it is big enough)

    Place the dried Lavender buds into the jar along with the Orris powder and about 20 or so drops of essential oil. Shake well then set aside for about a week. Shake well periodically and keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

    After a week you may now place your Lavender flower potpourri into a decorative container or cellophane bag for gift giving. You can also make Lavender sachets out of your potpourri. Adding colored dried rose petals or mini rose buds make this potpourri very attractive as well. Dried rose petals and buds are frequently available at craft stores or you may dry your own.

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