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Lavender Pomander Balls

How to Make Pomander Balls

     Pomander Balls can be made with Lavender flowers and woven with one or two colors of satin ribbon. They are not difficult to make once you have learned the basic technique of weaving Lavender stems the same one used for making Lavender wands.

     Pomander balls smell ever so sweet and can be used to freshen closets or to hang from the knob of your favorite Armoire. There are even Pomander balls wedding decor and favors.

Below are instructions for making Lavender Pomander Balls.

Lavender Pomander Ball

Instructions How to Make Lavender Pomander Balls

     You will need some long fresh Lavender flower stalks(stems) and some satin ribbon. You will also need Styrofoam ball forms of your desired size. The size will be directly limited by the length of the Lavender since you will be wrapping the stems around the ball.

     The amounts of Lavender you will need depends upon how large the finished pomander ball will be. You will need 30 or 34 stems of Lavender flower to make a 3" ball, 46 or 50 to make a 4" ball.

Lavender Pomander Ball using pink ribbon

     Very Important - The stems are woven in pairs of two so you will want it to work out that there is an odd number of pairs. If you are having trouble weaving around the pomander ball you probably are not working with enough Lavender. You must have enough stems to work as a framework for the ribbon or it will not be smooth.

    Lavender pomander balls are made the same way as Lavender Stalk Christmas Ornaments - See Tutorial Here, you just need to choose different ribbon colors. It's that simple!

Hanging Lavender Pomander Ball

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