English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Lavender Plants

Growing Lavender Plants

    Lavender is one plant that you will want to grow in your garden. All are shrubby fragrant sun-loving evergreen perennials, requiring the same Lavender plant care and growing conditions which make them easy to care for.

     Long blooming, heat and drought resistant make Lavender plants wonderful additions to any garden and they can even be planted in those hard to maintain tough areas such as sunny dry banks. They give back so much in return in regards to blooms and fragrance. Apartment dwellers can choose to grow it in pot containing a well-drained potting mix. Learn more about growing Lavender inside.


Choosing Lavender Plants

    With so many varieties how do you choose? Well, if you are a beginner start with a variety hardy to your area. Growing Lavender anywhere can be accomplished by just about everyone. You can ask questions at your local nursery or garden center to see what they recommend.

Since garden centers usually only stock 1 or 2 varieties you get the best selection of Lavender plants shopping online or by taking the time to grow your own Lavender from seed. Before you begin take the time to learn about possible problems so you can avoid them.


    If you have already passed green thumb 101 and feel confident in your gardening abilities then choose whatever your heart desires. Do read up on plant care so you know the plant needs before you begin.

Buying Lavender Plants

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If you are looking for Lavender plants and wondering where to buy then you might want to checkout the following:

Lavender Flowers for Garden
Looking for Lavender Plants? Find a wide selection of plants for your garden here in our Plant Store.


    Another source for purchasing plants and herbs is Richters Herbs. They are a Canadian based company with a large variety of plants and seeds. Shipping is available to Canada and the United States.

    Perennial or hardy Lavender plants will continue to bring you joy for many years when properly planted and cared for. Gardening can be a relaxing hobby as well as it improves your environment. Not to mention the healthy exercise involved as well.

    Lavender plants give you so much in return and are easy to care for and well adapted to living under dry climate conditions. Tender Lavender varieties can be overwintered when grown in pots. They also will live on for many years with minimal care. Learn where on the plants Lavender essential oil is contained.

    Harvesting and crafting items from your own Lavender flowers, for which you lovingly cared, is rewarding and looking at those items for years to come will bring you fond memories. I cannot think of any better reasons than all of these. So give it a try and put a Lavender plant in your garden and let me know what you think.

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