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Lavender Pillow

How to Make Lavender Pillow

    Plump pillows filled with dried buds and smelling sweetly of the summer blossoms, who couldn't resist these Lavender aromatherapy pillows?


    There are one of two ways to create a Lavender pillow. The first is to place Lavender sachets inside the cover of your existing pillow. You may do this for either armchair pillows or a bed pillow. This makes it easy to remove the sachets and refresh them with a drop or two of Lavender Essential Oil to renew their fragrance. When someone uses the pillow they release the sweet Lavender aroma.

    The other way of creating a Lavender pillow is to craft a pillow filled with batting and Lavender flower buds. A zipper would be a nice too so that you may remove the contents to refresh or to clean the pillow cover when necessary. Don't have time to sew? Buy a filled pillow or use a Lavender spray for pillows.

Lavender pillowLavender aromatherapy pillow
Favorite Dream Pillow

     You may also tightly fill a pillow cover with just Lavender buds if you are lucky to have a large amount from your harvested Lavender. Add uncooked rice to make one you could microwave for a minute or two to warm up to help relax tired shoulders or a stiff neck.

If you are going to use just Lavender buds you will need to choose a sturdy cotton or linen fabric to make the pillow cover out of and you will need quite a bit of filling depending on the size of the pillow.

     Checkout these Lavender pillows below.

    Lavender pillows are wonderful and capture that sun warmed scent. Snuggling down with a cup of something hot, a book and a sweetly scented aromatherapy pillow can be a real stress reducer after a long day. The sweet smell also helps to fight insomnia and help you get to sleep. You can even make a Lavender eye pillow.

     Do you have a picture of something you made out of Lavender.  Email me a copy and it just might show up on these pages.

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