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Lavender Oil

What is Lavender Oil?

     Lavender Oil is sometimes synonymous with Lavender Essential Oil and is produced from the Lavandula species. Lavender oil is distilled mainly from the Lavender flowers although it is also contained in the leaves and other parts of the Lavender plant.

Learn more about the parts of the plant where Lavender oil comes from.

     The commercial cultivation of Lavender plants is largely due to the Lavender oil industry and the demand for the production of Lavender oil. Many plants are needed to produce the necessary amount of flowers required for making Lavender oil.

      Pure Lavender oil today has many different uses as you will see below although its first use was in the making of Lavender perfume and Lavender colognes. In past centuries perfumes were usually only available to the very wealthy due to the expense of manufacture. Later with the rise of middle class society the demand increased fueling the need for increased production.

     Lavender is still used today as a main component in many fragranced products because it blends well with other scents both real and synthetic. The volatile components it contains helps to smooth and round out different scents making it very valuable to the perfume industry. From the time of World War I until today the demand has greatly increased and it is still in use in a large number of different perfumes.

     When purchasing Lavender oil care must be taken to read labels as not all oils are 100% pure or uncut. Lesser quality oils are sometimes used as fillers so use caution.

Lavender Flower for making Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Uses

     Pure Lavender oil is very healing and except for the rare case of allergy there are no Lavender oil side effects. There are many Lavender oil uses - See uses for Lavender oil and learn different ways to use Lavender oil for the treatment and relief of health conditions (also known as Lavender aromatherapy.)

     Learn how to use Lavender oil around the home to create a healthy and relaxing home environment through green cleaning.

A few Lavender oil uses are given below:

Lavender Oil Benefits   Lavender Oil Acne   Lavender Oil For Hair Growth

Making Lavender Oil

     Below is a video that shows the process of making Lavender oil from the Lavender fields to the finished bottle.

Information on how Lavender oil is extracted / produced

How to make Lavender oil from your Lavender flowers?

Where to Buy Lavender Oil?

     Buy Lavender oil from reputable essential oil companies or in your local health food store. You may also buy Lavender oil online where you can often times find that you save money by directly from the supplier. Buying Lavender oil wholesale in bulk size is another way to save money.

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