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Lavender Oil and Pregnancy

Lavender and Pregnancy a Safe Mix?

     Many have asked "Can I use Lavender when pregnant?" There is a lot of concern over using Lavender oil during pregnancy. Is Lavender safe or isn't it? While the information below should never replace your doctors advice here is some information on the subject.

     Lavender oil is a phytoestrogen and some say it is stimulating similar to your own hormones. There is argument over whether using Lavender in early pregnancy (during the first trimester) can increase the risk of uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. While using a lightly scented Lavender lotion is probably no cause for concern, some say caution should be used when using products that have real Lavender oil in them.

     Is this information really true? If it is then there is probably a greater risk with eating Lavender cookies or having a cup of Lavender tea than with a quick application of hand lotion (providing it has real Lavender oil and not some synthetic scent.) Everywhere on the web is says to be safe simply avoid use of Lavender during the first trimester. THIS INFO IS NOT TRUE!

     From notable sources Lavender IS SAFE during pregnancy. According to Robert Tisserand 3 different studies have shown that Lavender flowers are safe and one study included the essential oil. Here is a link so you may read about his findings regarding Lavender oil use during pregnancy.

     The University of Michigan says the same thing here's a quote from their web site "External use in reasonable amounts is safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding." (For quoted text click "Side Effects")


Lavender in Later Pregnancy

Lavender use during Pregnancy      Although there is misinformation and varying thoughts about use in early pregnancy towards the end of your pregnancy Lavender is usually regarded as safe.

     Misinformed and overly cautious will say to avoid applying Lavender oil in 'neat' form directly on the skin until you are within days of your due date.

     It is suggested that for those of you over due Lavender might just be the little push you need to get the labor process going. If it is ok with your doctor a Lavender bubble bath or a cup of Lavender tea might get you on your way to seeing your new addition face to face.

     In medical studies Lavender oil has been shown to reduce the amount of pain medication needed after surgical procedures. Massaging the abdomen and lower back with a Lavender and carrier oil mix has been reported to help reduce labor pain.

     You may use the same technique to use Lavender oil for stretch marks. Bio Oil which is marketed for stretch marks contains Lavender oil among other ingredients.

     Lavender is great for relieving depression and providing stress relief and what new mom doesn't experience a little of both? Lavender is also used in countless baby products and can be soothing to infants which is why you find so much Lavender aromatherapy for babies.

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