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Lavender Dryer Sachet Laundry Bags

How to Make Lavender Sachet Laundry Bags for the Dryer

     Lavender laundry or dryer sachet bags can be fashioned out of your Lavender flower buds. They are useful in the clothes dryer to freshen and scent your laundry without the use of artificial dryer sheets. Lavender dryer sachets are also easy to make from dried Lavender.

     To make the laundry dryer sachet bags you will need some fabric (preferably cotton or linen) that is tightly woven to contain the Lavender buds.  I simply sew a little sachet bag about 5 inches square an fill with a handful or two of dried Lavender buds. You don't need to be all fancy crafting the bag unless you want to.

     Natural cotton bags for sachets are sold just for the purpose of filling with your own mixture. Fill the sachets tie the string and you have made dryer sachets. The bags can be emptied, refilled and reused too. Buy cotton muslin bags for sachets (sold in packs of 25) below:


Using Lavender Dryer Sachets

     To use the dryer sachets simply add one to your dryer when you place the damp clothes in to add a gentle Lavender scent to your clean laundry naturally. Have the sachets sitting in a pretty basket next to the dryer. Doing laundry is now just a little bit nicer with the use of natural dryer sachets!

     You may reuse this bag in the dryer several times before it's fragrance fades.  You will eventually dispose of this bag when it's usefulness has diminished. I get about 10 or so uses from each one of mine.  You can even refresh the aroma by placing a few drops of pure Lavender essential oil on the sachet bag and letting it soak in for a day or two. Never put the sachet bag in the washer, only the cloths dryer.

     These Lavender laundry sachets make a thoughtful and simple Lavender gift when presented in a pretty basket along with a note explaining their use in the dryer. Your clothes and linens will smell ever so fresh and it's a natural bug and moth repellent too!

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