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Lavender Hydrosols

What are Lavender Hydrosols?

     Hydrosols are a byproduct of the steam distillation process used to make essential oils.  They consist of the remaining liquid leftover after the distillation process is complete. Hydrosols are made up of water and some remaining plant oils that could not be recaptured. They should not be confused with "floral waters" which are waters that have flower or plant essences added to them.

     They may also be called Hydrolats and Hydroflorates. Sometimes they are even called Lavender flower water but also contain the important descriptor word of "hydrosol" somewhere else on the bottle to allow you to see it is a true hydrosol.

     Even though hydrosols come from the distillation process used for the production of essential oils there are some quality distillers who simply distill Lavender plant materials to make hydrodols. Hydrosols contain all the same properties and have the same benefits of essential oils but are much less concentrated. Most hydrosols contain only about 5% essential oil making them useful where essential oil would be too strong.

What are Lavender Hydrosols made up of?

     Hydrosols are made up essential oil molecules and the water used in distillation.  The main chemical components are the water loving plant acids and essences.  These are also the components which are most beneficial to your skin which likes an acid ph on its surface.  Most bacteria do not like living in an acid environment so hydrosols are especially good for skin related uses.


How to use Lavender Hydrosols?

     Hydrosols can be used as a body spray, facial spray and acne treatment, sunburn skin cooler, foot spray  and the list goes on. You may even spray them into the air to add a light scent. Whatever you may choose, Lavender hydrosols are a wonderful and refreshing way to add aromatherapy into your personal care.

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