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Lavender Hot Pot Pads

How to make Lavender Hot Pads

Lavender hot pads protect your counter top from hot cooking pans plus release the sweet scent of Lavender everytime they are used. Here is how to make your very own Lavender hot pad.

   What you will need:

  • 9" square of quilt batting
  • 2, 10" squares of decorative cotton or linen fabric
  • 1 1/2 - 2 cups dried Lavender buds

  1. Lie the pieces of fabric together with both good sides facing inwards being careful to make sure all 4 sides line up. Think of a pillow case wrong side out.
  2. Sew around  3 of those sides either by hand or machine leaving the 4th side open.
  3. Carefully turn the project inside out.
  4. Next place the square of quilt batting inside and make sure it lays flat nicely inside.
  5. Fill with dried Lavender buds on both sides of the quilt batting to desired fullness.
  6. Carefully hand stitch the 4th side closed tucking seam edges inside as you sew.
  7. It is a good idea to put a few quilting stitches through the layers of the hot pad to make sure the quilt batting stays evenly distributed. You can quilt the hot pad very decoratively or you may simply put a stitch through all 4 corners making sure that all three layers are held together. This helps to keep the contents from shifting around inside.
  8. This item is not washable - only spot clean if necessary
     Now every time you need a place to set a hot pot from cooking you have this lovely scented hot pad. The scent of the buds will be released due to the heat of the pot.

     When not in use or for long term storage place your hot pad in a large zippered plastic bag to maintain the aroma.

     If you are really nifty at and just love sewing then you can also craft a hot mitt so that every time you reach for something hot from the oven the lovely scent is released. Choose a pretty purple fabric or maybe go natural with a lovely pure linen fabric.

     If your sewing skills are above average why not craft a pocket in the scented hot pads so that you may remove the fill for laundering the item.

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     Did you create a lovely hot pad or hot mitt?  If you did then show it off here.  Send me detailed instructions on how to make it so that others may learn too.  We would love to see your handcrafted items and I might post them with your permission.

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