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Lavender Honey Recipe

How to make Lavender Honey

    Lavender honey is a treat everyone should enjoy at some point. Try this recipe if you are not fortunate to find Lavender honey that has been made naturally from bees harvesting nectar from a Lavender field.

    Either fresh or dried Lavender flowers may be used to make this Lavender honey recipe. Gather Lavender flowers just prior to use choosing ones of good color or use dried culinary Lavender.

Here is the Lavender Honey Recipe:

Lavender Honey

    Put the Lavender flowers and honey into a saucepan over medium heat to gently warm. Stir and mix together the Lavender flower and the honey. Allow it to sit over the lowest setting for gentle heat about 1/2 hour then pour while it is still warm into a container that has a lid. I like to use a glass jar with a screw top like a jelly jar. Set aside for a week or so in a cool place then strain out the flowers and re-bottle. If you tie a pretty ribbon around the container and add a note you have a Lavender gift from the kitchen.

    Lavender honey is great used on Lavender pancakes, toast, drizzled over ice cream or added to hot drinks such as Lavender tea.

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