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Lavender Air Freshener Gel

Homemade Lavender Air Freshener Gel?

     Homemade Lavender Air Freshener Gel is easy to make using pure Lavender Essential Oil, water, store bought gelatin and ordinary salt. Another good thing about this air freshener recipe is that there is not a single nasty chemical in these air freshener gels.

These Lavender gels are great for those individuals that often have chemical sensitivities or to use around children because they are naturally fragranced with pure essential oil.

Lavender Air Freshener Recipe    

How to make Lavender Air Freshener Gel

     You will need to have the following ingredients and supplies to make these Lavender Gel Air Fresheners:

2 cups of water
1 1/2 Tablespoons salt (retards mold growth)
4 ounces of gelatin either packets or powdered
25-30 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
Small glass jars or bowls to put the gel in
Liquid Food coloring of your choice (Completely optional)

     Heat the water until almost boiling either on the stove or in the microwave oven in a glass mixing bowl with spout. Add the salt and gelatin and mix until it is dissolved completely. Next add drops of food coloring and your essential oil. Stir briefly to mix then quickly pour into your jars. Place the gel filled jars in refrigerator to cool quickly or set aside on the counter to cool and set.

Lavender Air Freshener     Lavender Air Freshener

     Don't be surprised if the air freshener gels appear cloudy at first because they will turn clear as they set up.

     You may add small decorative objects to your gels before they set up if you wish such as glass gems, clear marbles, sea shells, or other small objects which you can remove later and use again. Silk flower blooms from old arrangements or purchased silk Lavender flowers from crafts store can be used if you plan on giving these away as homemade Lavender gifts.

     These Lavender Air Fresheners will last about a month give or take and are easy plus inexpensive to make at home. They freshen the air naturally without all the chemicals or fake scents involved with the store bought air fresheners.

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