English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia English, Spanish, Spike, Lavandula angustifolia, stoechas, latifolia

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Lavender Flowers

What do Lavender Flowers look like?

     What does Lavender look like? Lavender flowers, as you probably may have guessed, do not just come in purple. The flower color ranges from pale lilac to deep royal purple Lavender flowers of Hidcote Lavender plants. There are many Lavender color choices for the flowers. You will also find that blooms come in pink, red, green and white. There is even a beautiful yellow blossomed one.

     Blooms come in various shapes and sizes and are produced on long spikes or sometimes short stems. Leaves too vary in shape and can be long, short, narrow, or serrated and fern like. These are known as "fern leafed" plants. The leaves can be light green or dark green or even gray and woolly in appearance. There is even a Lace Lavender!

     The features of Lavender flower heads themselves vary although the basic structure and anatomy of the Lavender flower is the same for the genus Lavandula. Flowers can be compact, round and pineapple shaped with bunny ear tufts on top or the flower buds can be spread out loosely over 3-4 inches of stem.

     Some even carry multiple blooms per stem as is the case with Lavandula multifida or Lavandula latifolia. Look at this picture below of Lavandula multifida. See more Lavender flowers pictures in our gallery.

Extreme closeup of L. multifida bloom showing flowers    

     Variety is definitely the spice of life when it comes to flowers and when you fall in love with this plant you will want to collect all the different varieties and make your own Lavender flower garden. A wonderful plant, learn here just how easy it is to care for!

     Lavender can even be planted on sunny hot dry banks which can be a landscape problem area. Lavender flowers will bring butterflies and other helpful insects into your flower garden. These are just a few reasons to start growing Lavender.

     Just look at the flower pictures above in the header of this page or checkout the gallery for more images of just how different the flowers can be. Look at the different flower features for each variety. The Lavender flowers themselves are what help distinguish the different types of Lavender.

     Did you know that essential oil from early flowers is pale in color and contains more valuable esters than that of the later blooms?

The essential oil produced from the late blossoms is much darker.


What can you do with Lavender Flowers?

    Lavender flowers may be harvested and dried either left on the stems or off. You may learn more about how to dry Lavender to make dried Lavender flowers here.

    They can be made into decorative crafts such as fresh or dried flower wreaths, bundles, sachets or potpourris and the most popular of all Lavender wands.

Make Lavender Wands or Lavender Bottles from Lavender Flowers

    Learn more about bunching and drying Lavender flower, the different development stages of Lavender flowers and the methods of harvesting Lavender flowers.

    The flowers can be used fresh or you may dry them for later use. There are many things you can use them for if you take the time to think about it. Lavender flowers are thrown at weddings as a popular rice replacement for blessing and luck of the newlyweds.

    Lavender weddings with Lavender flowers everywhere are again regaining popularity.

    Culinary Lavender flowers (edible Lavender flowers) can be used in cooking and are a valued ingredient in herbs de provence. They are used in recipes for tea, scones, cookies, vinegars and more.

    Do you have a particular use or craft item made out Lavender flowers? I welcome your emails and pictures of Lavender flowers.

Information on Fresh Lavender including where to buy, how to use, and how to store.

Information about Lavender Flower Water such as how it is made, uses and benefits, and why it is so useful.

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