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Harvesting Lavender Flower

Lavender Flower - Ways To Harvest Flowers

     Lavender flowers may be harvested in different ways. For the home flower garden or the small Lavender farm the flower stems are frequently cut and harvested by hand. I find this to be a highly fragrant and pleasant job although I would not want to harvest acres of Lavender this way by any means!

Harvesting Lavender Flower By Hand   Harvested Lavender Flower Bunches

    Large commercial Lavender farms use more modern mechanized methods to harvest Lavender flower. Large harvesters are driven through the blooming flower fields where the Lavender stems are cut and the flowers are placed into a cart towed behind ready to go to the distillery. This is more cost effective for the growers as they can harvest their flower quickly,drying Lavender when the essential oil content is at its peak.

    This method is harder on the Lavender plants then harvesting Lavender by hand but works efficiently for the large commercial grower who has hundreds of acres of flower to harvest. One harvesting machine is equivalent to about 100 laborers and unlike humans does not get weary from the job. Some models load the fresh Lavender flowers directly into cartridges that fit the distiller simplifying and speeding the process of harvesting even more.

Lavender Flower Harvest

Lavender Flower Harvesting by Machine

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Harvested Lavender Flower Ready to Distill

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