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Lavender Flower Bird Cages

How to Make Lavender Bird Cages

Lavender Flower Bird Cages

     A unique Lavender craft of intertwined Lavender wreaths may be made using fresh Lavender stems. You will need enough fresh Lavender to make two wreaths of your desired size.

     These flower cages are perfect for those with an abundance of Lavender flowers wondering what to do with all their Lavender.

     Either large or small decorations may be fashioned using the directions below.

     Begin by taking fresh Lavender and trimming away excess stem so that each flower only has 2-3 inches of stem attached to it. Next lay Lavender flowers in a row overlapping each other until you have a line of Lavender at least 18" total length. Measure the length of just the flower heads themselves and not the stems at the end.

Wrapping Lavender Flowers with Nylon Twine

     Wrap the line of Lavender with clear nylon thread or fishing line binding about every inch or so taking care to try to hide the thread between flowers binding tightly but not so tight that it cuts through the blooms. Upon reaching the end connect to the top to form a ring and continue wrapping for another inch or so and then tie off. Snip off any remaining stems and adjust shape and flowers until you're pleased with it.

     Repeat the whole process to make another wreath of equal size out of a line of Lavender.

Assembling Lavender Flower Cages

     Place one wreath inside the other working carefully not to lose or damage any flowers in the process. Secure the tops and bottoms of both wreaths together with more clear thread. Tie a ribbon loop for hanging at the top and another ribbon bow with trailing tails at the bottom.

     Hang your fresh Lavender cage up to dry. You may make them tiny and delicate with a finished diameter of 4" for use as Christmas ornaments or large and grand say 14" in finished diameter for use as Lavender wedding decorations.

     You can find things to hang inside your Lavender cages such as faux white doves which are perfect for wedding decorations or other tiny feathered birds if you are making Lavender Christmas ornaments.

You may also like to see how to make a birdhouse with a Lavender covered roof.

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