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Lavender Fire Bundles

How to make Lavender Fire Bundles

    Don't throw those stems out after harvesting the buds.  Also don't throw out those old dried Lavender bundles. There is one last use for the dried Lavender stalks. You can turn them into fire bundles and throw them on the fire to release their last remaining scent. They make excellent fire starters.

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Lavender Fire Starters

    Fire bundles date back to olden times and they still work today. Works wonderful in a home fireplace as well as a campfire. The scent repels insects too!

    What you will need:

  • Raffia or twine
  • Scraps of fabric to decoratively wrap around the bundles (optional)

     Make small bundles of the stems/trimmings and wrap with a bit of fabric.  I use about a 7 inch x 2 inch piece of fabric for a 3" bundle. Tie around the fabric with the raffia or twine. 

     The scrap of fabric holds the stems together and adds a decorative touch to the whole project which is nice if you are giving it as a gift.  You will want to use a natural fiber scrap  or raffia and not a synthetic fabric.  If you plan to set them out next to the fireplace in a pretty basket you will want them to look nice so this adds to their appearance.

     You may omit this step if you want as it is really not necessary to add fabric other than to boost their decorative appearance. 

     Place the Lavender Fire Bundles in a pretty basket next to the fireplace until you are ready to use them.

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