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Lavender Crafts

Making things with Lavender

    Lavender is so fragrant and wonderful that since ancient times people have been trying to preserve the smell during winter months until fresh flower blooms could be gotten again. Learn more about dried Lavender here. Crafting items out of Lavandula will be the main focus here.

  Wondering what to do with Lavender? There are many things you can make with Lavender! Just look at the list of Lavender craft projects below! Included are some easy Lavender gifts to make.

Lavender Crafts

    People wanted their homes to smell nice so creative ideas to use and craft items out of Lavender came to be.

During the Victorian Era " fine ladies" would make things from the Lavender flowers as well as use it for various other household uses and this knowledge has continued to be passed on up to today.

    Growing Lavender allows you to craft items from the bounty of your own Lavender flower garden.

This is a wonderful way to relax both with the lovely fragrance surrounding you as you work and with taking the time to be creative working with your hands.

Dried Lavender Flower For Crafts

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     Before we start let me ask you the following question. Do you need to buy fresh flower bundles to craft out of? Some projects do require you to have enough fresh stems. There are lots of suppliers of fresh Lavender on the internet.

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Craft Projects Using Lavender

    Crafting using various materials is fun and many decorative and useful items can be made out of Lavender.

    Instructions and how tos will be given to make the following craft items from the list below.  I welcome any of your ideas and would love to hear from you.  If you have made something out of Lavender let me know.  If you would like to share a picture and instructions on how to create your project then email it to me and I might post it. Crafting is one of my favorite things to do with Lavender!

 Simply click on the contact tab at the top of this page to send me your ideas.

New Ideas For Lavender on DVD!

New Lavender Crafts
New Lavender Crafts DVD

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