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Lavender Candles Covered with Lavender

How to Make Lavender covered Candles

     An easy and decorative way to use dried Lavender flower buds is to cover the outside of large pillar candles with them. This is a relatively simple to do and you will end up with beautiful Lavender candles to display using your own Lavender flowers.

     You will need a large three wick pillar candle preferably made of soy wax in a color complimentary to that of your dried Lavender flower buds. You may use white, purple,  pink or a combination of buds from your flower harvest. The fragrance of the candle should not be something that will be too strong or clash with the Lavender aroma either. Vanilla works nicely as well as a few other scents such as rose and other florals.

    You will also require 1-2 cups of dried Lavender flower buds or enough to cover the outside of your pillar candle. You will apply the dried flower buds using a spray adhesive available a most crafts stores and also in the craft department at Walmart.

    Cover the candle by spraying an outside section with adhesive and then patting on the dried flower buds pressing them on gently covering the entire outside as evenly as possible. Continue working your way around the entire outside until it is entirely covered. When finished set your Lavender candle on a pretty dish or plate wherever you wish to display your creation.

    This pillar candle can still be burned as most large candles burn through the center leaving the outside intact. You may wish to use this method for covering smaller candles as well but whether they will be usable depends on the way they burn and if they leave the outside ring of wax intact. You will not wish to burn either the adhesive or the adhered flower buds. Always burn your Lavender candle in a supervised manner using appropriate caution.

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