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Lavender Christmas Tree Decorations

Make Fragrant Sachet Ornaments for your Tree

    You can make fragrant and inexpensive decorations for Christmas using Lavender. The scent works nicely with the aromas of fresh Christmas trees and holiday wreaths. Your holiday home will smell wonderful!

     Simply purchase organza gift bags and fill with dried Lavender Flower buds (see source below). What makes them work for Christmas is the color of the organza bag you choose.

Each of these organza bags are sold multiples of 10 or more. Click image to see details for each. Bulk dried Lavender buds sold below.

Lavender Flower Buds - 1 Pound Bulk


     These sachet ornaments can be hung anywhere on your tree or tucked hidden into the branches depending on the theme of your tree. Tie them onto wrapped gifts. They also work double duty and are useful beyond the holiday season. You may use them as Lavender sachets suspended on clothes hangers in closets or placed in drawers.

     You could also make them as a thoughtful Lavender gift and inexpensive Christmas presents. Who doesn't need to save money at this time of year and in these tough times?

     Other holiday ideas for incorporating Lavender include adding sprigs of dried Lavender to Holiday wreaths, and adding a teaspoon of culinary Lavender buds to your rolled Christmas cookie recipe for a delicious treat. Make Lavender topiary trees as mini Christmas trees. Diffuser ornaments look almost like stamped cookies and are able to diffuse Lavender or maybe Fir essential oil.

More Homemade Lavender Christmas Decorations - Lavender Filled Christmas Balls!

Lavender Stalk Christmas Ornaments

Buy Bulk Dried Lavender Buds For Sachets


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