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Lavender Cedar Moth Repellent

Natural Moth Repellent

     If you are looking for a natural moth repellent that smells good and is free from those nasty toxic chemicals found in many store bought brands then here it is.

     Since I live where there is seasonal snow and ice my closet is a collection of the many sweaters that I have accumulated over the years. I have a lot of wool, some alpaca, and the occasional cashmere. Finding a moth hole, the remnants of something dining on my sweaters has prompted me to come up with this natural moth repellent.

     Cedar has long been know for its moth repelling qualities and Lavender too is a natural insect repellent. Why not a marriage of the two to make a green alternative to those chemical moth repellents? Making a Lavender moth repellent with the added punch of natural Cedar will keep the moths away safely.

     To make these Lavender Cedar moth repellents you will need to have or buy some of the wooden hanging cedar sachets, pure Lavender Oil and possibly some Cedar essential oil. You might be able to find the Cedar sachets at your local Walmart or or you can buy larger cheaper quantities online. Older Cedar blocks / sachets that have lost their scent work perfectly well for this project.

     Begin by gathering all supplies and by spreading something on the surface you are working on to protect it. Essential oils at full strength can ruin fine furniture finishes. You could spread a towel, a piece of newspaper or one of those small flat cardboard boxes to work on.

     Spread out the Cedar closet sachets and place some drops of Lavender oil on the blocks spacing the drops around. Do the same with Cedar essential oil if you need to refresh the Cedar aroma. Allow them to sit for a few hours to overnight and then repeat the process for the other side. The strength of smell is determined by how much essential oil you apply. The wood can absorb and hold quite a bit and can be refreshed seasonally as needed. Quite economical too because the blocks last indefinitely!

     If you want the Lavender scent to be more pronounced then lean to adding more of the Lavender oil to your moth repellent blocks. Remember the scent will fade out over time. Do not worry when you first apply the essential oil that you might have over did it. The oil needs time to soak in and blend together.

     After the Cedar blocks have absorbed the fragrance you can hang them in all your closets or slip them into a drawer to work their magic by naturally repelling moths from you fine clothes. I love how my closet smells and that my clothes are safe from the hungry moths.

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