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Lavender Butter Recipe

How to make Lavender Butter

    Lavender Butter is easy to make and use just as you would any other herb butter. To make the Lavender butter you will need to use either fresh Lavender flowers or dried culinary Lavender. Use Lavender flowers from an angustifolia Lavender for best flavor.

Here is the Lavender Butter Recipe:

    To make 1/2 pound of Lavender butter you will need:

1 stick of fresh room temperature butter and

1 1/2 Tablespoons of either fresh Lavender or

1 Tablespoon dried Lavender Flower.

I like to grind my flowers up using a mortar and pestle before adding it to fresh butter.

Making Lavender Butter

     A few quick mixes is all it takes and oh what a smell! Lavender is so sweet!

Grind Lavender Flower

    Mix the ground Lavender flowers into the butter. Chilling the Lavender butter for a few days will let the flavors fully develop. Place on wax paper and roll up to form a log of butter. Chill until set. If you are in a hurry you may use it right away but the flavor improves with age. You may also add 1 Tablespoon of Honey to the butter which is delicious on fresh rolls and biscuits.

Fresh Lavender Butter

    Enjoy you Lavender butter on fresh baked biscuits which is absolutely yummy for breakfast!

Lavender Butter on Biscuit

Are you hungry yet?

Biscuit with Fresh Lavender Butter

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