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Lavender Bubble Bath Recipe

Homemade Lavender Bubble Bath

Lavender Bubble Bath Recipe      Lavender is simply the best at relieving stress. Lavender aromatherapy products are everywhere and many of them contain fake essential oil. Make your own Lavender aromatherapy bubble bath with this easy recipe.

    There is no need to spend a fortune on store bought Lavender aromatherapy products when you can make your own inexpensively using real ingredients.

    In fact this recipe uses just three ingredients. Ever read labels and see the long list of chemicals? You can feel good about this homemade bubble bath recipe.

    Bubble baths can take us back to when we were kids and the sweet scent of Lavender brings calm after the most hectic of days. Safe for children too it's one of my favorite Lavender oil uses.

Make Your Own Lavender Bubble Bath Recipe

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil
16 ounce bottle of Unscented Liquid Castile Soap
2 ounces of Liquid Glycerin
Liquid Food Coloring(optional)

    Combine the above ingredients together in a container bottle big enough to allow for mixing. First add the liquid castile soap, then the drops of essential oil and lastly the glycerin. Mix well by shaking. If the mixture is too thick add a little water.

The glycerin is important for two reasons. Your skin will feel soft and smooth after your bubble bath because it attracts water molecules helping to keep your skin moisturized. It's also what aids in the formation of bubbles. The key to long lasting bubbles is glycerin. You do want lots of bubbles don't you?

Purchase liquid glycerin at your local drug store or buy it below. You may add red and blue food coloring to make a Lavender tint to your bubble bath (optional.) Shake well to mix. To use shake then pour some into the tub while the water is running.

Below are links to the ingredients. The castile soap is 32 ounce size. The glycerin is 16 ounces and Lavender essential oil is 4 ounces. You can easily make two batches of Lavender aromatherapy bubble bath and have leftovers.

Sure beats buying the expensive stuff with the fake ingredients or the super expensive organic Lavender bubble bath with the hefty price tag. Make your own Lavender aromatherapy bath using the ingredients below.

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How to make Lavender bubble bath

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