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Lavender Bath Sachet

How to Craft a Lavender Bath Sachet

    A Lavender bath sachet is simple and easy to make.  What is it?   Just think of it as a tea bag for your tub. You will need dried Lavender buds or whole flower heads and a cloth to put them in so you can enjoy a Lavender aromatherapy bath.

Lavender Bath Sachets

    The bag can be made out of almost any cotton fabric whose colors don't run.  You don't want the dye from the fabric tinting your bath water. Cotton muslin bags are available below in packs of 25.

     You may sew a little reusable (refillable) cotton bags or you may be really simple and use one of those clean mismatched white socks that you keep finding in your dryer. You may choose to get a piece of fabric about 10 inches square and place Lavender flower inside making sure to tie the corners well (or rubber band) so that everything is contained inside.

    Simply fill the bag with dried Lavender flower heads or buds (about 1/4 - 1/2 cup) and hang from the faucet as you fill your tub.  You may float your sachet in your hot bathwater but I find that having the hot water run over it releases more fragrance.


    Remember to remove your sachet and dry and refill your little bag ( or sock :) ) so it will be available next time you want a Lavender bath.

     Lavender bath sachets are a great gift idea too!  You can put dried Lavender flower in a pretty jar and include a hand sewn bag.  Attach a note on how to use and you have a simple, inexpensive and thoughtful gift.

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