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Lavender Bags

How to Make Lavender Bags

   Lavender bags are simple to make and we will tell you how you can make one or more for yourself and your friends. They look pretty tucked inside a dresser drawer or sitting on a bedside table. Making Lavender bags is easy just see below.

     You may choose to sew little bags and fill with dried flower buds from your harvest or you can simply put old decorative handkerchiefs to work in place of bags.

     To use a handkerchief to make a bag simply spread it out and place a good pile of dried buds in the center. Draw up all four corners and give it a little twist. Tie a pretty ribbon around it to secure the contents. Spread out the ends of the corners to make them pretty. You may also add rose petals to the buds if you like. Tuck a fresh or dried flower sprig underneath the ribbon for added decoration.

     There you go you have just made one of the simplest of Lavender Bags.

     If you don't care for the handkerchief idea, or to sew your own, then see more bag options on the sachet page which includes pictures. Inexpensive bags are available for purchase at local stores and all you need to do is fill them up and they are really pretty too!

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     Have you crafted a beautiful fragrant bag and want to show it off to they world? Then send me a picture of your hand made Lavender bags along with instructions, if necessary, on how to make them so others might learn.

     We would love to see your projects and I just might post it here, with your permission of course.

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