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Lavender is an Aphrodisiac?

The Aphrodisiac is Lavender the Herb of Love

     Lavender has been known throughout history as an herb of love. Women would scent their clothes, linens and trousseau with sprigs of Lavender long before Lavender sachets came about. It has been proven through scientific study that the scent of Lavender is a powerful aphrodisiac and many men cannot resist it.

     The scent of Lavender came to represent purity, chastity, fidelity and was thought to actually ensure fidelity between partners. Josephine would give Napoleon Bonaparte a drink which contained among other things a healthy dose of Lavender flowers.

Lavender Aphrodisiac

How Lavender Works as an Aphrodisiac

     Besides the luscious alluring smell, Lavender works by relaxing and reducing stress in the body without fogging the mind like alcohol and other drugs.

     Lavender is stimulating to men and scientific studies show that it increases blood flow which is important too when it comes to love. So to sum things up Lavender is relaxing yet stimulating and works both physically and psychologically. This is only true for real Lavender fragrance using real essential oil.

Using Lavender and Harnessing its Aphrodisiacal Power

     There are numerous ways to incorporate Lavender into your daily life that could in turn help your love life too. Lavender perfumes and fragrance colognes are easy to wear an affordable. There are scents for both men and women.

     Spray your sheets and bedding with Lavender. Use a aromatherapy diffuser with Lavender essential oil in your bedroom or wherever you want that lovely fragrance to be.

     Do what Josephine did and brew some Lavender tea before retiring for the evening. Take a long relaxing Lavender bath together or maybe enjoy a Lavender massage before going to bed. These are just a few of the ways to use Lavender as an aphrodisiac.

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